More than 50 Years of Experience!

Since 1963 we have been producing and distributing fittings made of metal and plastic. Our capacious warehouses enable us to supply our customers worldwide with large quantities at short notice.

We will give you all the advice and practical support you require. With our vast know-how we are able to develop individual solutions.

               From the first idea to the final product
                 - we gladly offer you our assistance.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

Company History


Company History

1. Aug. 1963The company Breitbach & Co. OHG is founded by Mrs. Ingeborg Müller, Erndtebrück,
and Mr. Karl-Heinz Breitbach, Hemer.

  With the help of kitchen scales the first articles are counted and  
  packed on the kitchen table in Erndtebrück. From there they are  
  dispatched (during the wintertime sometimes by sledge) to the
  railway station.

1. Jan. 1970The company is transformed into the Breitbach + Müller KG. The headquarters are in 
Hemer. General partners are Mr. Karl-Heinz Breitbach and Mr. Helmut 
Müller. Mrs. Ingeborg Müller, Mrs. Klara Margarethe Breitbach, 
Mrs. Wibke Born, Mr. Bodo Müller, Mr. Uwe Breitbach and Ms. Liane
Breitbach are limited partners.

  The positive economic development, farsighted businessmen,
  modern office machines, and hardworking employees soon allow an
  interbranch and international business activity.

In 1975  The biggest problem of the Breitbach + Müller KG – limited and
  non-central storerooms – is solved by building a production and  
  storing site in the Weiherstrasse 13 in Erndtebrück.
22. Nov. 1982The general partner Mr. Karl-Heinz Breitbach and the limited partners Mrs. Klara
Margarethe Breitbach, Mr. Uwe Breitbach and Mrs. Liane Peters-Breitbach leave 
the Breitbach + Müller KG. The company's headquarters are moved to Erndtebrück.
17. Nov. 1989 Formation of the distributing companies B+M Breitbach + Müller GmbH (Germany and
Europe) and B+M Verbindungselemente Vertrieb GmbH (Third Countries)
1990 and 1992  Extension of the warehouse in the Weiherstrasse 13: a second warehouse and a
new office building
In 1994  Purchase of a new office building and production site in Mühlenweg 7
  in Erndtebrück.
19. Nov. 1997 The newly formed B+M Spritzgußtechnik GmbH produces various plastic articles
in Mühlenweg 7.
In 1999Extension of the storeroom in the Weiherstrasse 13 by means of a third warehouse
1. Sept. 2000 Mr. Bodo Müller leaves the Breitbach + Müller KG as limited partner and becomes
gereral partner.
In 2002The Breitbach + Müller company group extends its business premises by the 
construction of a two-storeyed office building and adjacent warehouse in the 
Weiherstrasse 17 in Erndtebrück. If more storeroom is required, the business 
premises can be extended in the future.
In 2005The B+M Spritzgußtechnik GmbH starts a third foothold with fully automatic packing
besides tool manufacturing and injection moulding.
19. Feb. 2008The B+M Beteiligung + Management GmbH (formed on December 7th, 2006) becomes
general partner of the therefore renamed Breitbach + Müller GmbH + Co. KG with effect
from January 1st, 2008. At the same time Mr. Bodo Müller leaves the company as
general partner and becomes limited partner.