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Furniture Feet and Castors


Furniture Feet and Castors

Furniture Feet and Castors




Adjustable Screws5.6 / 5.8 / 5.95.6 / 5.8 / 5.9
Adjustable Screws, heavy duty5.75.7
Castors for bedding boxes5.355.35
Furniture Feet5.145.14
Furniture Gliders5.155.15
Furniture Gliders of metal5.
Furniture Gliders of metal with sliding surface of felt5.
Furniture Gliders with sliding surface of felt5.
Furniture Gliders with sliding surface of plastic5.
Gliders for round tubes5.325.32
Gliders of Plastic5.135.13
Height Adjustors5.185.18
Height Adjustors for Cupboard Bases5.195.19
Height Adjustors for Walls5.
Height Adjustors of stainless steel5.
Joint Sliders5.125.12
Laminated Covering-plates for oblong tubes5.265.26
Laminated Covering-plates for oval tubes5.315.31
Laminated Covering-plates for round tubes5.30 / 5.315.30 / 5.31
Laminated Covering-plates for square tubes5.275.27
Laminated Covering-plates for square and oblong tubes with increased plate5.295.29
Laminated Covering-plates for tubes forming an angle5.295.29
Luggage castors5.345.34
Twin wheeled hooded castors5.335.33