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Handles, Buttons, Ornaments


Handles, Buttons, Ornaments

Handles, Buttons, Ornaments




Ball knobs of ABS4.274.27
Ball knobs of Polyamide4.264.26
Balls of brass4.284.28
Balls of stainless steel A24.314.31
Bow-shaped handles of plastic and metal3.223.22
Bow-shaped handles of Polyamide, reinforced by glass-fibre2.382.38
Bow-type-handles for wardrobes3.
Caps with chrome coloured metal cover4.244.24
Coat Rack Hooks of plastic3.14.0 / / 3.14.1
Covering Plates of stainless steel A24.314.31
Decorative Covering-plates of plastic4.254.25
Decorative Rim4.304.30
Furniture handles of plastic3.233.23
Furniture knobs3.213.21
Letters, numbes and symbols of stainless steel9.79.7
Ornaments of plastic4.294.29
Rail-handles of plastic3.223.22